English P5 first term 21-22

Dear families,

We wanted to share with you what we have been doing in P5 this first term.

We have worked on routines, such as greeting each other, by singing the song “Hello, hello, can you clap your hands?” from Super Simple Songs. We work on our weather calendar by adding a wood piece with the picture of the weather element from that day (sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy…). At the end of the month we count how many times it was cloudy, or sunny, etc, focusing on the numbers in English.

The first story we worked on was “The Three Little Pigs”: we read it in different formats, with the paper book, through an interactive presentation on the screen, focusing on the vocabulary related to the materials that the characters use along the story. After that, we classified the different images we found on a basket  depending on the material they represented (straw, sticks or bricks). We reinforced our learning with the song “Three Little Pigs” from Debbie and Friends. Finally, we worked in learning stations, building the elements of the story on playdough mats. We also built our houses on wood sticks and plasticine, and then we role-played the wolf blowing down the house by the use of a hairdryer.

In Autumn we celebrated Halloween by learning different vocabulary elements from this festivity, reading the story “Pete the Cat, Trick or Pete”. Then, we made our human mummies by wrapping ourselves in toilet paper. Then, we revised everything we had learned working on learning stations: we created Halloween elements on playdough mats, we looked for differences in some illustrations, we coloured in Halloween elements while listening to the words from our “talking tins” and we revised everything working a memory game.

Then we enjoyed the story “The Gingerbread Man”; we revised the parts of the body while we built our own cookie cut into pieces.

We listened to the song, and we made our own Gingerbread Man i Jumping Clay, while remembering the vocabulary of the different parts of the cookie. Finally we made our giant Gingerbread Men, we draw the silhouette from our own body, and we added the gingerbread cookie face and body elements. When we had finished it, we presented our creations in groups.

When we got close to Christmas, we worked on our class name; in La classe dels Diamants, we read “The Rainbow Fish” story, and we talked about the importance of sharing with others in order to enjoy what we have. 

In la Classe dels Dibuixos Animats we worked on Toy Story by explaining the film and identifying the characters in the dark, by the use of flashlights with stories. Afterwards, we made our Mr Potatoe or Miss Potatoe with a kraft paper bag, focusing on the parts of the face and the body, as well as different complements such as earrings, hats, flowers, etc. 

Finally, we have worked on “The Christmas Present” Story, focusing on sharing and enjoying our family time, and we have made a Christmas Dinner for the whole class. We have also read the story “Stickman” revising the vocabulary related to this festivity.

During the sessions there were brain breaks with different activities and songs such as "Hop Little Bunnies", "Dance Freeze" or "Winter Freeze Dance" and relaxation activities and massages in English (for example, doing small actions on the backs of our classmates: little raindrops, cutting vegetables, two little ants going up and down, a gingerbread running away fast/slowly…).


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