23 de març 2010


Read these texts and complete the chart on your worksheet:

1. This hotel is in Dubai. It's 321 metres tall and it looks like the sail of a boat. It's built on an island in the sea. There are 60 floors and 202 bedrooms in the hotel. There are eight restaurants. On the side of the building there is a helipad where helicopters can land.

2. The Guggenheim Museum in Spain is made of lots of different materials, such as glass, metal and stone. It's in the centre of Bilbao, next to the river Nervión. Inside there are art galleries. There is a big dog sculpture outside. His name is Puppy. He's made of flowers.

3. This is the Malmaison hotel in Oxford, England. The hotel is in an old prison. Would you like to sleep in an old prison? There are restaurants and there is a gym, but there aren't any prison guards!

4. This is an ice hotel in Sweden. Everything in the hotel is made of ice and snow, even the beds! There are 60 bedrooms and two restaurants in the hotel, but there isn't a swimming pool! It's very cold in the hotel and people wear jumpers and coats. Every May the hotel melts and in November they build it all again.

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